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One of our most used wetsuit items in summer. Built from the same material as our entire P1 line. We’ve used our 83% recycled Neospan 4 and ECO recycled quick dry lining construction for a high stretch 2mm Wetty Top, perfect for those colder wind mornings. With an added the elastic waist closure to reduce the lift in a good tumble this wetty top is so comfortable you’ll forget it’s even on.

Construction Features

— Recycled Neospan Outer featuring 83% Recycled Nylon,<br> — ECO 50% Recycled Quick Dry Plush Lining,<br> — GBS Stitched Seams,<br> — B-Lock stitching so no seams reduce the flexibility of the rubber,<br> — Strip Printed Sleeves for Wrist Water Sealing,<br> — Melcro Reinforced Stressed Tape On High Stressed Seam Joins,<br> — Elastic Waist Pull Hem.


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Follow P1 2mm Wetty Top - Black font
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Follow P1 2mm Wetty Top - Black

The recycling sources include waste plastics from the ocean, fishing nets and production waste, which are De-Polymerized and Polymerized to achieve the purpose of recycling. The use of&nbsp;recycled fabric can reduce the waste, lower the dependency on petrochemical materials and&nbsp;impact on the environment.