Tested in Australia.
Developed for the World.

Breathable Comfort.

A soft elastic waisted top closure for ultimate comfort with our unique ripstop material that has thousands of holes in it to make it feel like you’re standing naked in the wind. It’s a beautiful feeling.

The Lost City Collection.

From a spring morning to the heat of summer, like the fabled city of Atlantis and the lost Egyptian city of Memphis , your legacy is secure with perhaps our most beautiful collection in the brand.

Follow P1 Initiative.

An undertaking by us to make decisions in our design and construction process, that attempts to balance ourselves with the surroundings we utilise. Based not solely on profit but on a duty. Whenever you see our Project One logo on a product it means we have sourced a material, adhesive, finish or construction that in someway is a more sustainable version of the materials we could have used.

Project One Impact Collection.

Our P1 Vests are designed from the ground up with a considered approach the recycled materials and minimised manufacturing wastage.

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Follow Brand Quality. Built to Last.

The product's quality, durability, and performance is directly linked to it materials, contributing to a longer lifespan, functionality and effectiveness. Follow have worked together with some of the words leading manufacturers of Neoprenes, Fabrics and Cottons conscious of the environmental implications, making sustainable materials an essential consideration in our products.