AFFET — Alexander Aulbach.

‘Affet’ means to forgive in Turkish. I looked it up. — A short wakeboard film about Alexander Aulbach. The drive from Vilnius in Lithuania, where Alex Aulbach shot this short film with Nicolas Leduc, to Istanbul in Turkey is exactly 2639km (1639 Miles)  so I don’t think it has anything to do with the title of this edit.

August 30, 2022

But the capital of Turkey is not Istanbul, it’s a city called ‘Ankara’. I don't think this title has anything to do with Ankara either. Now, the capital of Lithuania is… HEY!, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME??

I’m trying to make us smart here! If you stopped reading, you're not reading this which is kind of meta. Regardless I ‘Affet’ those who have passed over this and either began reading the interview below or, more likely, watching the edit above. Stay stupid and enjoy.  FYI — ‘Atleisk‘ is Lithuanian means ‘Forgive’. Below is a spontaneous conversation that we had with Alex…

- Alex, do you like ideas?

The idea for this video was to hit the three parks in Lithuania. Filmer, Nic Leduc, and I have spent as some time together in Lithuania before and thought it be cool to do another video here. We filmed this edit in 10 days, dealing with super cold weather, so we were only able to hit two parks; Wakeway in Vilnius and 313 in Palanga, but it was still…

- Do you like things being ‘worth it’? …

definitely worth it! 313 just got the brand new mega pool, so we were the first ones to hit that on our road trip which was…

- Do you like fun? much fun. The parks here are probably some of the best in the world, and because the sport is pretty new here, everybody is super hyped on wakeboarding! So it doesn´t matter if it´s 30 degrees, sunny & no wind or 10 degrees & raining, people are so pumped to go ride no matter the conditions…

"It doesn't matter if it´s 30 degrees, sunny & no wind or 10 degrees & raining, people are so pumped to go ride no matter the conditions."

Anorak Ginger and you.
- How about Vibes, do you like Vibes catching on?

…and that vibe just catches on and you’re down to ride too, all the time! Just put on a wetsuit and a spray jacket and your good to go. haha.

- So yeah?

So yeah, this video is about the good times and fun sessions you can have in Lithuania! Well said. What Layering Jacket are you riding in this video? It was a little bit colder than expected during our trip in Lithuania so I decided to wear the Layer 3.11 Spray Anorak Jacket in Ginger. It´s my favourite Jacket. I like the Kangaroo pocket to keep my hands warm waiting at the dock, as well as the secure hood button that’s keeps hood from slapping me in the face while riding haha.

We know our layering system is the ‘Rad’. But why do you like it?

What I like about the Layering system is that you can always find the right jacket for any conditions. If it´s just cold, I´ll go with a Neo jacket, but if it´s windy, like it was on that trip, I pick a spray jacket that keeps me even better protected from the cold wind.

- What is under your jacket? Do you use the full 3.0 Layering Concept of a Wetsuit, Vest, then Outer Layer Jacket like a champ?

It depends on the weather honestly, if it´s just a chill summer evening I´ll just wear my TBA Vest underneath a jacket, but because it was freezing cold I was wearing the 3/2 sealed steamer underneath my Anorak. So, yeah, I used the 3 Layer system for sure! Especially in Europe, the 3 Layer system is the thing I wear the most here.

So there you go folks. For a limited time only - while stocks last - we’ll also throw in a set of 3.0 Layering steak knives with every purchase of Alex’s wonderful Ginger Outer Layer Jacket, call to get yours today!