Gavin Stuckey Dropping Bombs

Over the last three months, Team Rider Gavin Stuckey has been one of the busiest riders on the planet. Standing on pretty much every podium in Europe, consistently putting himself anywhere and everywhere something is going on, and dropping two of the most watched edits this summer.

August 28, 2023

While in the U.S Gavin spent the weekend at Terminus Wake Park with another of our beloved family, Rivers Hendrik, who shot with him and managed to put together the aptly named 'Forty-Eight'


Gavin Stuckey shot by Rivers Hendrik.

"Gavin came up to terminus and stayed for only a couple days (48 hours). Not to soon after his first few laps on the water, he was absolutely tearing up the park and I knew I had to film. Hyped on what we got with only a few hours of riding." Rivers Hendrik.


A short film defining Gavin's status in wakeboarding.

On top of that you had his other banger 'Status' shot out a Lake Ronix; Where he pretty much grew up. Anyway, if you haven't seen either/or, stop what you are doing a lean back, or up in this case...

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