What's the difference between Neoprenes?

What is Neoprene? Well, we're glad you asked. The Neoprenes used in our Life Jackets, Impact Vests, and Wetsuits are more than a simple color choice. It plays a huge part in the quality, flexibility and durability of your vest and wetsuit. Follow uses 5 uniquely different Neoprene fabrics in order to bring you the best quality Life Jackets and Imapcts vest in the World... Thats right.

June 12, 2024

Neoprene development takes time and a lot of testing before we know which suit or range and importanty whether it's good enough quality to slap a Follow Logo on. So we've been developing our neoprene materials with the largest manufacturers in the world for over 15 years now. 

This is obvious in our external construction that you can touch, but also in the internal foam laminates and the internal materials that we use. We have developed material compounds that are designed for our unique intended use.  We do not use, standard materials used in wetsuits.


Premium Neoprenes

High-end Neoprenes are the evolutional of the traditional Neoprene. Today we have developed two of the most tensile and smooth Neoprenes on the Market. These are the ones that look like they shine on the rack, and in the water.


Quad-S Neo.

Quad-S is the best we can build without sacrificing performance. Quad (meaning 4) stands for Seriously Soft-Super Stretchy. This is the softest material on the market that won’t lose stretch over time and maintain its desired shape. Some materials are so stretchy now that when they are wet, they are useless in a vest. Another reason for a vest around your head or inverted vest on a big crash.



Dual-S Neoprene.

All our neoprene’s are designed to be the highest possible stretch and flexibility as possible but not forgetting about the durability and in water performance. This is what makes follow unique with a superior performance product in the water. Dual (Meaning 2) Is Soft and Stretchy. A slightly less smooth version of our Quad-S Neo delivers in durability.



Alternative Neoprenes

Today we can manufacture quality alternatives that essentially act and feel the exact same as tradition Neoprenes. Without sacrificing on quality or durability, these allow us to make higher end vests that don't come with the high-end price tag.


Chevron Polyester.

A great alternative to Neoprene but it’s not the same! The Chevron polyester allows us to build a performance vest with all the same construction features as the high-end styles, but it does sacrifice performance and longevity of the product. The Chevron polyester has a great hand feel but has limited stretch capacities. It is also not as durable, as constant rubbing or excessive sun use it does wear. Single layer neoprene alternative to create a priced pointed neoprene vests sacrifices performance when wet which is 100% against our product development rules. So we utilise our dual layer construction with the chevron polyester.



Recycled Chevron Polyester.

Follow is proud to present our Chevron Polyester. With an Enhanced touch on the skin and a smooth overall finish, its surpeme 4-way stretch allows for a freedom of movement not availble in a recyclable materials until now. It sacrifises neither quality nor the earth.



Tough Neoprenes

These have a more coarse, detailed and pronounced texture that often gives the neoprenes a 'denim texture'. The coarse-ness of the neo allows for water to disperse over the vest reducing wear and tear on any specific region of the vest. No to mention, they genuinely look tough.


Duraprene Neoprene

Engineered to withstand the demands of wakeboarding. Its tough exterior, featuring a gritty texture, provides enhanced grip and abrasion resistance, ensuring that your vest can handle whatever challenges the water throws your way. From sharp edges to rough falls this outer fabric neoprene keeps you protected without compromising on performance. Despite its rugged exterior it remains soft and stretchy on the inside, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit that won't restrict your movements.



Secureprene Neoprene.

Developed from the Quad-S Neo performance with the most durable material we can develop, a unique feel and texture but most importantly the strongest material we can develop that doesn’t reduce performance. This is a 3rd generation of our original duraprene we developed. Tested on concrete ledges this stuff is the bomb for strength, but doesn’t sacrifice stretch or hand feel. It’s the most expensive material we can develop for a vest.



Benefits of our Neoprene Manufacturing process

The importance of neoprene lies in its ability to provide insulation, water resistance, and flexibility. Neoprene's insulating properties help to retain body heat, keeping you warm and comfortable in and out of the water.

The Neoprene we choose has an inherent flexibility allowing for freedom of movement, ensuring that you can perform activities without feeling restricted.