Why Do Follow Make The Best Wakeboard Ropes and Handles?

If you're into water sports, you've probably heard of Wakeboarding, a water sport that involves riding a wakeboard on water while being towed behind a boat or a so called “cable”.

March 13, 2023

While wakeboarding is undoubtedly an exciting sport, it is also a dangerous one. This is why having the right equipment is essential.

One of the essential pieces of equipment for wakeboarding is a wakeboard rope and handle. In this post, we will discuss our Follow ropes and handles. Don’t discount the importance of a good pull. It can really make your day a lot better.We've put together some of the features that make our Follow ropes and handles stand out.

Our handles feature custom end caps, injected foam-filled bars and a narrow suede grip for ultimate, no-fuss function. Your literal connection with the sport.

Follow is a brand that is known for producing high-quality ropes and handles for wakeboarding. Our ropes and handles are designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip, making wakeboarding a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Ask any of our team riders and they will say that the right length and tactility of the line are more important than the board under their feet.

1. High-quaility materials:

Follow handles are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. The ropes are made from low stretch PU coated rope, which means that they will not stretch or break easily. The handles are made from a combination of EVA and suede, which provides a comfortable grip and prevents the handle from slipping.

All of our handles have INJECTED FOAM FILLED BARS. This ensures that the bar will float for its lifetime – not just while it’s new. We were the first to do this and we´re going to keep on doing it.

Our handles also come with CUSTOM END CAPS. We still strongly believe in soft end caps. It allows the ends of the handle to naturally flex in perfect harmony with the rider’s gestures and stops any relocation of energy. Soft end caps make it easier to hold onto the handle in certain situations; but more importantly, it’s safer.

Unique Design:

Follow Wake ropes and handles are designed with the wakeboarder in mind. The handles feature either a comfortable narrow circle suede grip or a narrow hexagon suede grip that is easy to hold, especially when wet. The ropes are also designed with a knot-free design that reduces drag and provides a smoother ride. We offer three different kind of ropes.

4mm PU Coated.

This is the most expensive material because it’s the best. Soft and smooth. Stronger and with less twisting due to an even number of Dyneema strands. The internal Dyneema is also DWR treated to repel water absorption reducing its weight when wet.

Treated Dyneema.

Stronger and lighter with less twisting due to an even number of Dyneema strands. The Dyneema is also DWR treated to repel water absorption reducing its weight when wet. When you are after the ultimate performance with no consideration of anything else.


This is a unique coated Dyneema mainline that floats. If you are after the ultimate in weight saving but require pro performance that floats there is no substitute.

2. Range of options:

Follow offers a range of ropes and handles to suit different needs and preferences. You can choose a rope and handle that suits your style and level of experience. All our pro range can be purchased as a package, handle only or mainline only. It’s your choice bro. 3. Compatibility: Follow Wake ropes and handles are compatible with most ropes and handles. You don't have to worry about whether the rope and handle will fit your old handle or rope… which we think you should change anyways.

A good main-line is often underestimated and rarely credited.

In conclusion, Follow ropes and handles are a great investment for anyone who loves wakeboarding. They are made from high-quality materials, designed with the wakeboarder in mind and come in a range of options. By choosing Follow ropes and handles, you can have a safer and more enjoyable wakeboarding experience.

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