Do you need a short-fit life vest?

For shorter guys, it's important to find a life vest with a snug and secure fit. Have you ever actually looked for a vest specifically designed for smaller frames with a narrower cuts and shorter lengths? Perhaps its time. A proper fit ensures comfort and reduces the likelihood of the vest coming off unintentionally.

March 22, 2024

What's a Shorter Cut you ask? Our short cut vests maintain the same specs as the Tapered-Fit but sit a little higher on the mid-rif. Preferred by guys like Raph Derome in his RD Signature Vests and Alex Alex in his TBA line. Here's 5 reasons why, if you're a shorter guy, you may want to consider going for one of our Tapered Fit-Short Cut Vests.

1. Buoyancy:

A properly fitting life vest ensures that the buoyancy is distributed correctly, keeping the wearer afloat in the water regardless of their height.

2. Safety:

A snug fit reduces the risk of the life vest slipping off in the water, providing continuous protection and support, especially in emergency situations.

3. Comfort:

A life vest that fits well is more comfortable to wear for extended periods, allowing for freedom of movement without chafing or restriction.

4. Proper positioning:

With a correct fit, the life vest will keep the wearer's head above water, minimizing the risk of drowning and allowing for easier breathing.

5. Confidence:

Wearing a life vest that fits properly gives shorter individuals the confidence to enjoy water activities without worrying about their safety or the fit of their equipment.

It's something we recommend you consider, coming into summer. Comfort is a major part of extending your riding. And if it's good for Raph, it's good for you.