Take your Shot. Life's First Photoshoot.

Our Follow 'Life' release builds product for the lives we lead. Focusing on the Ocean, on Travel, and on the Outdoor Lifestyle. It utilises our factories & designers to continue to show the same love and attention to detail as we have done for 15 years. Through our fabrics, fit & function, we aim to grow into future markets, to build follow into a global identity.

March 14, 2024

Our very first photoshoot for Life couldn't have gone better Watch the our Foil Team have at it in the new Life Gear.

Comfort, Curiosity and Technicality. Feel the difference in Follow Life inspired gear. We immerse ourselves in cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Offering moments of awe and wonder, as we witness the beauty of natural landscapes. Fuelling a sense of curiosity, ignited by a lifelong pursuit of exploration and discovery.

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